Need More Pheromones

So be curious about who this girl is that uses pheromones.. What does she do? Does she like it? What does she love to do? Whats her family like? shit like that… Heres an exercise.. Think of your dream girl… Then think of everything you’d be curious about her pheromone production. 
Write down the questions. You’ll be surprised how many you can think of. Then when your out. These will come out almost naturally. Which is what you want. Another good thing to do to help with curiosity is to go out and walk around town or a mall or somewhere there’s a lot of girls. Then you look at these girls and just be curious about them. Look at their faces what do they tell you? Where have they been before coming there. What was it for them this morning? What did they do last night? Be curious about the smile.. All that pheromones shit. 
When your out and talking to girls you can ask them these pheromones questions and they’ll talk about them and all you gotta do is listen. Then you can be curious about what they said then. Then more questions come out. It creates trust between you two. You learn about who she is and if she’s a girl you’d even want to be a part of. One thing that’s important in this is that you have standards. You work on yourself and expect good things out of yourself. You want the same thing from her right?? Most guys will just be interested in the female pheromones who are interested in them. That’s a thing thats counter intuitive but women who you are interested in will also be interested in you. Learn more about pheromones at and
Reason being… You GENUINELY have things in common. Real things that your interested in human pheromone production. Guys will act like they are interested in the same things to get her approval. She can tell your not as passionate about it as she is. Women look for passion.. Its something they want in their lives. So even if its something she doesn’t like… Your passion is what she feels and craves for. So when you are talking about something.. Talk about something your passionate about. She will never forget it. Just remember to genuinely be passionate about pheromones.
Also remember to not take this shit so seriously with real pheromones. PU is supposed to be fun! Love and enjoy your time with women.. No matter how long it is. Can even be her rolling her eyes at you and walking away… Enjoy it. Give her some love and more importantly give yourself some love. Then move on… You do this there wont be too many that will do that to you. Women will want to know why you dont give a fuck that they roll their eyes at you with real pheromones. 
Will want to know why you don’t give a fuck if they like your pheromone scent. Its gotta come from you loving you! You love yourself and you own your love for women. That’s all you need. Love is all you need. Anything else is just bullshit and getting off track according to
You don’t know too much about her so its just something that helps you and also helps you be a little more of challenge and mystery as well. Most guys just talk about themselves and qualify themselves to her. That doesn’t help you because need more pheromones.