Trust Your Pheromones

No you didn’t I don’t believe you use true pheromones.  You’re such a liar If she’s from San Diego, “oooh really? I hate San Diego… I’m out of here… turn around and your arm is slightly pushing her away in a fun way. Pull: These are positive emotions to show you’re interest in the person. It’s good to balance out the negative with these positive emotions of sexual pheromones. 
The yin and the yang type of thing. I like your…. I like how…. You have the most… You really come alive when you… You have this great energy about you… Go-to phrases when talking to a group: Introduce me to your friends How do you guys know each other? Are you best friends? What are you guys celebrating? You guys out picking up guys tonight? How many numbers so far? Anyone get any good matches on Tinder tonight with human pheromone attraction? Learn more about pheromones at and
 Who’s the troublemaker between the two of you? Who would win in a fight? Statements of empathy to show you understand what she’s feeling: Admitting what you’re doing isn’t normal which makes it okay. Good for connecting, developing rapport quickly, and establishing trust when you’re doing something out of social norms. I know it’s (awkward, weird, indifferent, strange, or unusual) I am kind of… Let me know if I am being too… (forward, touchy, talking too much) I don’t normally go out at night with sexual pheromones… I’ve been working 60 hours weeks lately so i’m really out of it… If she’s being rude: That’s cute. Do it again, but I want fifteen percent more this time please. You remind me of my friend, she does that, too. You’re kind of like my dorky little cousin. You keep this up i’m calling security. You want an emotional investment: “You can go if you want.” “I like you, but the door is always open.” “You’re too cute, you should leave.” “I’m feeling a lot of emotion around you. I don’t think I’m ready for this.” Learn more at
She’ll respond to emotional investments with human pheromones and say “No, I’m having fun here.” And, she’ll be thinking, “Why is he willing to let go of me? No guy does that.” Now, the question is: “Where am I deriving all of this content from?” I want to teach you how you can create your own content in any way you want and it can be just as effective if not more. Here’s how you can do this: You: interview questions You: statements I: statements We: adventures Examples of each: “You?” Interview Questions: Where are you from? Do you live around here? How old are you? What are you studying? Where do you work? Most guys need to reduce “you?” known as interview type questions which are what most guys use too often. 
If you have done the above well, then about fifty percent of the time, she’ll follow you and won’t say a word because she likes and trusts your natural pheromone production.